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  • Multicoloured Light Base

    Dimensions: 60 (h) x 60 (w) x 35 (d)mm

    This multi-colored light base is both battery and adapter operated. This base is best for small to medium size crystals.

    Battery operated. Batteries not included.

  • Sale!

    Round Clear Coloured Light Base – Clearance Model

    Dimensions: 120 (h) x 120 (w) x 50 (d)mm

    This clear-colored light base that uses the supplied adapter.  When turned on, this light base sends a beautiful ray of white light through your crystal to enhance the look while rotating 360 degrees.

    *Adapter only – CLEARANCE MODEL (works great with adapter but will not work with batteries so clearing out at 50% off)

  • Black Three (3) Coloured Light Base

    Dimensions: 110 (h) x 110 (w) x 55 (d) mm

    These three colored light bases are either battery or adapter operated. The lights are solid in color and add that perfect amount of light to your custom engraved crystal.

    Adapter included.  Batteries not included.

  • Wood Colour with Black Top Multicoloured Light Base

    Dimensions: Two sizes – approximately 3″ – 4″ length and width.

    This larger multicolored light base is either battery or adapter-operated.  The lights change color to enhance the beauty of your engraved crystal. It is best for the larger crystals.  This wooden base light base comes in two sizes.  We ship the one that best fits the crystal you choose.

    Adapter included.  Batteries not included.

  • Double Light Base with Adapter

    Limited Quantity Available

    Dimensions: 80 (h) x 110 (w) x 35 (d) mm

    This light base is both battery and adapter-operated. It is amazing for the wider crystals to enhance the beauty of your crystal.

    Battery or adapter operated, Adapter included.

    Batteries not included.